Events 2013

We are planning three major events to support the youn? !nnovators Malawi compeition - everyone is welcome, please come and take part.

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May RaspberryJam

4th May 2013, 9am-12noon
Bishop Mackenzie International School, Lilongwe

This event is now over.

Free Event

Malawi's first ever Raspberry Jam event!

Join us to find out more about the young innovators competition, and about the amazing computer that is the Raspberry Pi

We will run demonstrations of what the platform can do, including hardware and software, and we will run masterclasses on programming and using Scratch

We will also show for the first time games that the organisers have developed - you will be able to vote for the best game!

Raspberry Jam

December 2013
Location to be determined.

This event will bring all the participating teams for the 2013 competition together, and will feature demos and workshops from computer experts, along with hand-on time with Raspberry Pi computers

For more information go here

youn? !nnovators Malawi

tbd, March 2014
Location to be determined.

Come to the exhibition to see the final projects from the competing teams and find out who's going to be named young innovator of 2013!

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