The Challenge

This year's youn? !nnovators Malawi challenge is to write a video game in Scratch for the Raspberry Pi computer.

Using the Raspberry PI, develop a video game of any format. The game must run without crashing and must have clear rules, objectives. Ideally it should have increasing difficulty levels as the player proceeds.

Examples could include:

  • 2-d 'platform' games - moving around the screen avoiding 'baddies' and winning rewards
  • 3-d maze game - moving through a maze to find the way out
  • text adventure - an interactive story where the player chooses which actions to take
  • 'physics' based games (like angry birds or tetris)
  • quiz-based games (like trivial pursuit)
  • board game simulation (e.g. chess)
  • multi-player (multi-pi) games encouraged
  • linking Pis to e.g. mobile devices for gaming too.
  • completely novel format! - this would steal the show!!

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