youn? !nnovators Malawi


To inspire and empower young people in Malawi to embrace and excel at innovation.


  1. Hold an annual innovation competition, with a theme and support, open to teams from schools and colleges across Malawi
  2. Hold an annual exhibition to showcase the results, work and talent of the students
  3. Hold periodic events to showcase new technologies / help develop skills
  4. To work with teachers and schools to raise the profile of innovation in the classroom
  5. Promote winners into Regional/international competitions


youn? !nnovators Malawi is not for profit, run by a team of volunteers. The volunteers are drawn from local and international developers, innovators engineers and entrepreneurs. The organisers are independent from the schools or colleges participating.

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Apply for Young Innovators Malawi

Applications are now open for the Young Innovators Malawi Competition, please consult a teacher in your school, then fill in this simple web form.

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Organisers 2013

  • John Cass

    John Cass

    John is an innovator and entrepreneur living in Malawi since 2011. Passionate about technology, design and creativity, before moving to Malawi, he co-founded and led the UK's national innovation network for the Creative Industries.

    He is currently developing a mobile-and-cloud based data service for development organisations; his mission is to accelerate development through the intelligent use of data.

    When at school in Dublin, John took part in Ireland's 'Young Scientists' competition and it had a profound impact on him, helping to shape his future career.
  • Sam Manda

    Sam Manda

    I was on born on may 10th 1986. Did most of my primary school in Zambia and part of in Malawi. Did my secondary school at Dzenza secondary school then went to Mzuzu University where I did renewable energy majoring in solar PV systems, Witwatersrand University in South Africa where I did my diploma in computer science. After that I went to university of Malawi the polytechnic where I did my advanced diploma in computer system support and then university of London where I graduated with a bachelors degree in computing and information systems. Worked for safe-tech security company as a security officer, Globe Internet as a systems administrator, Now working for Baobab health as a network Engineer.
  • Pål Olsen (Paul)

    Pål Olsen (Paul)

    Originally from far north in Norway. Above arctic circle, in the land of the aurora borealis. Living in Malawi since 2011. Engineering degree in Electrical science, Masters Degree in Management, background from Norwegian Army and Airforce. Worked most of the time within IT, where many years as consultant for various global companies in Europe. Before moving to Malawi I worked as IT Manager for NOKIA. More here.
  • Vinjeru Mumba

    Vinjeru Mumba

    Vinjeru is a Malawian and loves innovative ideas believes everything is possible only if you find way. Vinjeru has taught Computer Networking, ICT Support Systems, IT Essentials, and Visual Basic programming for three years. Vinjeru loves to learn new ideas that are motivating and loves challenges. (Currently working with SOS Children's Villages Malawi as an IT Coordinator)
  • Emile Herben

    Emile Herben

    Emile is originally from The Netherlands and moved to Malawi in 2011. Before that he worked for several years as an engineer with Procter & Gamble. Now in Malawi, he's a part-time math and science teacher as well as a part-time student again, studying for a degree in synthetic biology.
  • Edmond Kachale

    Edmond Kachale

    Edmond Kachale is a software developer, based in Malawi. He has been interested in developing human language technology tools for underrepresented African languages. Since 2006, he has been developing language systems independently for Chichewa a de-facto national language of Malawi. Some of the notable projects include a Chichewa word processor model (Kalembera), spellchecking add-ons for Firefox and Word Processor, a part-of-speech tagger (ChicPOS), tools for morphological analysis and generation (ChicMorph, AffixGen), and a program for visualizing phrase structure (ChiVisualize). He has also been involved in translating important software packages and web sites into Chichewa, including the Google Malawi search interface.
  • Eddie Moffo Phiri

    Eddie Moffo Phiri

    Eddie was born 6th March 1984, he received a Diploma in Computer Science and is currently studying for a Degree in Computer Science at the University of Malawi. He work as IT/ICT OFFICER at University of Malawi, College of Medicine on the PEPFAR project. Find out more about Eddie here

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Inspiring and empowering young people in Malawi to embrace and excel at innovation.

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